Role:  Art Direction & Design.
Brief:  Update design of Glamoriser consumer hair electrical brand for Christmas relaunch.

I headed a team as Design Director to relaunch Glamoriser hair products back into the market to be the best selling hair electrical brand in the UK over Christmas.

This relaunch involved a huge amount of competitor analysis and research into market trends to find a way to enter into a saturated consumer hair electricals market and get noticed. It was important to find a balance between technology and beauty and to appear new but also trustworthy.

I created a new logo and designed the new visual identity for the brand producing scamps and style guides for which all design related to the brand could be derived from. I also art directed the photoshoots and video shoots which were used on the packaging, marketing materials, online social media and website which I both designed and oversaw the development of.

My team also worked with Chinese factories to create unique finishes including a Nano-Diamond ceramic paint, with real diamond flakes, on the plates and barrels, as well as a metallic rubber finish for the product housing.

The brand launched with much acclaim and great reviews into the two of the biggest retailers in the UK with huge success including being the number one electrical brand for Christmas as well as the space to expand the range over the upcoming year and going on to win several awards.